Ship & learn fast, without developers.

Use your own Figma designs to build & embed

Get started - for free

The only no-code tool built to integrate.

Easy for everyone

Build your flows in Figma, configure the logic in Setsail, and ship to production in minutes.

Save engineering costs & time

Let engineers focus on hard problems, accomplish more on your roadmap with Setsail.

Boost customer growth & retention

Continuously improve flows and conversion. Setsail tracks usage instantly, no tagging required.

How does it work?


Create with Figma

Turn your designs into integrateable code.

UI Kit with templates from proven user flows.

Let your engineers focus on core product.


Configure in Setsail

Take control of user flows with conditional logic.

Integrate with your own API to build limitlessly.

Empower PM's & designers to build with no code.


Publish, Test, and Repeat

Integrate Setsail with one line of code.

Publish and modify flows on your website instantly.

Run A/B tests without bothering a single developer.

Build with flexibility

All the things you need to craft your ideal user flow. From tooltips and modals to fully customizable sections that are injected in to your product.

Visually configure logic

Conditional logic that gives you the power to define complex user flows.


Understand the success of each flow you build. We deliver the data that allows you to test and iterate.

Are you ready to Setsail?